DIY: Holiday Photo Booth Back Drop

Hey guys! Today, I am sharing one of my most favorite DIY projects! A photo booth back drop that would be the perfect completion to any upcoming holiday party or wedding!


Step 1. Create a frame to hang lights.

*I already had this curtain hanging in my kitchen and decided to utilize what I already had. Moved my kitchen table and made the perfect photo booth area 🙂



                                                                     Step 2. Hang Lights!

                                                       *I wrapped the lights around the curtain rod in various places. Moving and adding where I thought necessary.




Step 3. Add Tobacco Cloth

*I already had left over tobacco cloth from my wedding so that’s what was convenient for me, but this could be any thin material and also doesn’t have to be white. (Time to let your creativity flow)

      I added another layer of tobacco cloth on the ground to give more of a snowy look, however, that is completely optional and would still look fine without.


                                Step 4. Add ornaments!

*I hung mine with fishing line and taped them to the ceiling. You can use whatever is handle and easiest for you!

                                                                                   This step is also optional. I loved the “floating ornament” effect but if you’re creating a  photo booth for a large number or if it isn’t during the holidays, hanging ornaments probably isn’t the best choice. Instead, I would add some fun signs or accessories.





Bailey P