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Makeup Challenge: Hubby Explains What Makeup Means To Him

Hey y’all! I thought it would be interesting today to test my husband on his knowledge of makeup.

I’ve never been one to wear a lot, so I’m curious to see what his answers will be!

Primer “The first thing you put on to get your skin ready.” Woah, good job, babe!

Concealer “Conceals dark and ageing spots?”

Foundation “Base layer of makeup” Okay, he’s better than I thought he would be. 

Powder “What you put on your face after you’re done putting your other makeup on.” Close. 

Highlighter “It’s what you use for your fake eye brows.” *dies laughing*

Blush “To make your cheeks rosie. The ones on your face.” Lets keep it PG, babe 😉

Contour “Sounds like a brand of makeup. An overpriced brand of makeup.”

Bronzer “What girls put on to make them look tan, but it actually makes them look orange.” *gives mean look* “but yours looks fine”

Brow Gel “To make your eye brows look thicker.” I wish it were that easy.

Eye Liner “To make your eye lashes look thicker or what you wear if you’re in a boy band.” hahahahaha

Eye Shadow “Goes on your eye lids but kind of looks like a raccoon.” *gives another mean look* 

Mascara “Makes your eye lashes darker.” Alright, were getting back on track now. 

Corrector “The pads you use to wipe your makeup off with when you messed up.” Not quite.

Setting Spray “Spray to help your makeup last longer.”

Okay, ladies, now it’s your turn! See what your significant other has to say about what your putting on your face. You might be surprised by his answer.. I know I was. 🙂



Bailey P